Did You Know?

  • Australia has the highest skin cancer rate in the world.

  • Western Australia has the second highest rate of skin cancer in Australia.

  • Skin cancer will affect two in three Australians. It is recommended that all adult patients should have an annual skin check.

  • Over 95% of skin cancer can be treated if found early.

  • Skin cancers may not be painful and are commonly seen rather than felt.

  • Skin check is simple and non invasive.

Risk Factors Includes:

  • Fair skin that burns easily and does not tan

  • Blue or green eyes/fair skin/red hair

  • Suffered sunburn as a child

  • Spent your childhood in Australia

  • A large number of freckles or moles

  • A family history or personal history of skin cancer

  • Used a solarium and/or

  • Worked or spent a lot of leisure time in the sun

We Provide:

  • Thorough Skin Checks

  • Skin Cancer Treatment

  • Skin Cancer Surgeries on

    • Squamous Cell Cancer

    • Basal Cell Cancer

    • Malignant Melanoma

    • Non Malignant Skin Tumour including Subaceous cysts and  Lipoma (size up to 5cm)

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