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Aircrew and air traffic controller licences are issued to applicants who have met the relevant technical and theoretical standards. Once a licence is issued, it continues in effect indefinitely. A valid medical certificate appropriate for the class of licence must accompany the licence for the licence holder to legally exercise the privileges of the licence.

Classes of Medical Certificates for Licence Types

There are three medical standards relating to the various types of licences held.


StandardApplicable to

Class 1All professional technical aircrew of powered aircraft, and is required for issue of Airline Transport Pilot Licence, Commercial Pilot Licence, Flight Engineer or Flight Navigator Licences

Class 2Student Pilot, Private Pilot, Commercial Pilot Balloons and Flight Radio Operator Licences

Class 3Air Traffic Control Staff

Duration of Validity

Class 1Medical Certificates is valid for one year (Special Periodic Examination Required)

Class 2Medical Certificate is valid for four years, for applicants less than 40 years of age on the day of issue, and in all other cases for two years.

Class 3Meical Certificate is valid for two years

*Information from “Designated Aviation Medical Examiner’s Handbook”.

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